Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi

In this webinar, Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi, one of the most prolific and well-respected dermatologists in the United Kingdom, discusses the results he achieves with Picoway® and Picoway Resolve™ for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of pigmentation.

Andreas Lenhard

CO2RE laser treatments with Intima handpieces can help revitalize the vaginal canal allowing rejuvenation. In a clinical study*, 81% of subjects reported improvement in sexual gratification, 94% in vaginal rejuvenation, and 100% satisfaction with treatment at the 12-week follow-up. Discover the benefits of offering these treatments in your practice and register to get the recorded webinar, in which Andreas Lenhard shares his experiences with CO2RE Intima: *Clinical study: Fractional CO2 laser treatment for vulvovaginal atrophy symptoms and vaginal rejuvenation in perimenopausal women, Arroyo C. Int J Womens Health. 2017 Aug.

Dr. Ines Verner

A series of treatments with eTwo helps create volume by stimulating neocollagen whilst evening out the appearance of the skin. Discover more about skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments with eTwo in our upcoming live webinar on May 15. Dr. Ines Verner, founder of the Verner Clinic for Aesthetics & Laser and President of the European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD), discusses how non-invasive anti-aging treatments with eTwo combined with peelings and injectables offer fantastic results for your patients. 

Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi

A series of treatments with eTwo Sublative helps create volume by stimulating neocollagen in the scar whilst evening out the appearance of the skin. Discover more about acne & acne scarring treatmetns with eTwo Sublative, Co2re and VBeam  in our recorded webinar by Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi, one of the most well-respected dermatologists in the United Kingdom. He will share his best practices regarding acne & acne scarring treatments. Register today and learn from the comfort of your own chair:


Julene Samuels, M.D.

Dr. Julene Samuels, Plastic Surgeon, will discuss new treatment options for women’s vaginal health and how she has seamlessly incorporated these treatments into her practice. You will also learn about the high demand, yet underserved need for non surgical and non hormonal interventions to address Women’s Intimate Health challenges and how CO2RE Intima can provide solutions to expand your patient base and add new revenue streams to your practice. Please note: CO2RE Intima is currently only available in the United States.

Dr. Samuels is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice since 1994 in Louisville, KY specializing in both surgical and non-surgical options to provide quality care for her patients. Dr. Samuels is also an Associate Clinical Faculty at the University of Louisville in their Department of Plastic Surgery.

David E. Kent, M.D.

Dr. David Kent discusses the Facial Lifting Aesthetics with Profound, by using the minimally invasive temperature controlled RF micro needling technology. He shows us the step by step anaesthesia procedure and actual treatment techniques. Profound treatment is clinically proven and has 100% response rate observed. 

Dr. Kent has been practising in Dermatologic Surgery & Mohs Surgery for more than 28 years. He is experienced in a variety of laser and light based systems-fractional ablative and non-ablative and multi-channel surface bipolar RF. He is also the Program Director of ACGME Procedural Dermatology fellowship. 

Macrene Alexiades, MD PhD


  1. Profound Face and Neck Dermal Experience– Optimizing Treatments
    1. Patient Selection
    2. Best Anesthesia Tips
    3. Treatment Protocol - Insertions, Spacing
    4. Downtime - Average, Best Practices
  2. Profound SubQ Face and Body - Open Discussion
Douglas C. Wu, M.D. PhD

Dr. Wu will discuss the science behind picosecond laser technology and highlight the safety, versatility, and efficacy of the PicoWay™ laser for the treatment of unwanted tattoos and benign pigmentary lesions. He will also explore the fractionated picosecond laser and its emerging role in total anti-aging.

Wendy Lewis, President of WILCO & CO

Wendy Lewis founded Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd Global Aesthetics Consultancy in 1997. Wendy Lewis is the author of 11 books including America’s Cosmetic Doctors & Dentists & Plastic Makes Perfect. She is a prolific writer for consumer publications and trade journals, and serves as a Contributing Editor for Plastic Surgery Practice. She has published more than 500 articles and is frequently quoted in the media in the US and EU. Her special expertise in social media has earned her a strong presence across a network of influential platforms.

Stacy Chimento, M.D.

Dr. Chimento is board certified in Dermatology and is highly trained in general medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology.  Dr. Chimento completed numerous research studies with the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery and was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Contact Dermatitis Society, and the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.


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